Network Administration

Saturn Networks provides remote and local IT services for businesses throughout the country. In this time of unprecedented change, people and businesses need reliable networks to power their online work more than ever before. If you cannot get the network administration and IT services you need, you cannot grow your company.

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When you have an unreliable network, your online work suffers. Downtime means you have to waste time and money on fixing tech-related issues. As a result of the downtime, your company may end up losing revenue. Your clients must be able to reach out to you when they need help. If your network is always down, you are going to lose customers.

In the past, tech businesses developed sophisticated networks and tailored solutions. Small businesses and local companies did not get the same quality of tech solutions. Today, small and large businesses cannot afford to have an unreliable network. A bad network could leave you exposed to data breaches and cybercriminals.

LAN Setup and Configuration

At Saturn Networks, our goal is to handle the tech side of your business so that you do not have to. One of the services we offer is LAN setup and configuration. Your LAN network allows you to connect devices within a certain physical area. You can determine how many devices can connect to your network and more.

Network Administration Cables

Hardware Setup and Configuration for Your Network

As a business owner or manager, you need to focus on running your business. While you take care of your company, we can handle the hardware setup and configuration. We can configure hardware like switches, routers and wireless access points for your company.

Document Sharing and Remote Access

If you want your employees to work remotely, then they need to be able to share information. With remote access and document sharing, your employees can work while they are on the go. In addition to providing you with a convenient way to collaborate, our services also provide the security you need to share important information. 


Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Whether you are working remotely or in an office, you need data backup and recovery options. Saturn Networks provides world-class solutions. With features like backups in multiple geographic regions, your data is protected from natural disasters and data breaches.

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Our team can help with your employee onboarding and offboarding. Onboarding is important because it is the first time your team members will interact with your company's culture. The lessons they gain during onboarding will remain with them for the rest of their tenure. Likewise, the right offboarding solutions will allow you to learn more about why employees leave your company and how you can improve.


Workforce Connectivity

With a mobile workforce, your team members are constantly on the move. They need to work from any location in the world, so you need world-class solutions. All of our tech solutions are designed to give your company the best workforce connectivity possible.

Saturn Networks Is a Trusted Partner

Whether you are interested in computer sales, Microsoft 365 or Azure cloud services, you can count on us. Saturn Networks has more than 10 years of experience in network administration, Office 365, data protection and server management. While many of our clients are located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee, we also work with companies throughout the country.

With Saturn Networks, you do not have to deal with prepaid services or service agreements. We provide tailored solutions that help your company run as efficiently as possible. Our team is committed to building long-term relationships through our expert guidance and customized services.

Over the years, we have worked with famous brands and multinational corporations. We are an authorized reseller for Microsoft Surface. Our team is also an authorized partner for Lenovo PCG's computer services, and we are a silver Microsoft partner for cloud services. Additionally, we are a Spectrum internet partner for network administration.

As a Spectrum partner, we are able to offer superior services and products to all of our clients. You never have to go through a credit check or sign a contract.

Saturn Networks is a local leader when it comes to customer support. Clients love our fast, friendly, real-time responses. We offer continuous monitoring of your data, so we can respond to issues before you even realize they exist. Thanks to our support team, we can provide remote and onsite capabilities.

Whether you are concerned about online security for a remote team or need cloud services, Saturn Networks has the products and support you need. To find out more about our offerings, contact us for a free consultation today.

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