6 Reasons Why Microsoft Teams Is the Best Collaboration Software for Businesses

In business, technology tools come and go. There are countless technology fads, and each one promises to be the best and greatest. The truth is that not every technology tool will change the way your business functions. However, if you invest in the right tools, technology can complement your current business structure. If you are looking for a tool to streamline your communication and promote collaboration, then you should go with a name you trust. The chances are that Microsoft Teams can get the job done.

Microsoft Teams is a software solution that allows business teams to stay connected in an increasingly disconnected world. Whether your teams are all onsite or work remotely, Microsoft Teams has the tools needed to integrate every member into a cohesive digital landscape. Here are a few reasons why Microsoft Teams is your best choice for a collaboration tool.

1. It’s User-friendly

We should face the facts. Not every person on your business staff is going to be perfectly tech-savvy. We all know a few workers who struggle to work with day-to-day technology, which can make the idea of introducing a new team platform seem a bit ambitious. However, Teams from Microsoft is not that kind of software. Instead, this software is designed to be user-friendly. In other words, it has been made to meet employees at a range of capability points. That is not to say that this is not an advanced piece of complicated software. Instead, the point is that it is so advanced that it has an interface to handle the complicated stuff for you. All employees have to do is open it up and start working like they always have.

2. It’s Still Growing

Your business is growing and evolving. The same is true for Microsoft Teams. This technology is being robustly supported by Microsft, which means the updates are quite consistent. These updates address the functionality and versatility of the platform. New apps are routinely provided. Because Microsoft is such a large company, it has established partnerships with other technology outlets like Trello, SurveyMonkey and InVision. Accordingly, the app selection is constantly growing to incorporate the best of all these companies. By picking and choosing from a growing selection of apps, you can make sure your team space is fully customized to meet a range of needs.

3. It Utilizes the Cloud

It is likely that your business already uses cloud services to some degree. The cloud has become a part of many things that your employees already do. However, as more large and small businesses increase their digital footprint, streamlined access to cloud services is absolutely imperative. In the cloud, information can be stored and shared with ease. This is why Microsoft has positioned its Teams software in this context. Teams is entirely based in the cloud, but its user-friendly interface makes the transition a lot less painful than it would seem otherwise. With Teams, anyone on the team can work from any location. Even teams working remotely can be easily connected as if they were still in-person. This cloud setting allows your business to work smarter.

4. It’s Centralized

One of the common drawbacks of working in the digital landscape is that things can start to feel segmented. There are too many tools and too many platforms. It becomes difficult for employees to meaningfully connect with one another, and information can get lost in the process. Teams manages to implement advanced solutions without creating additional segmentation. Teams is not just a singular service. You will not use it for just one aspect of your business operation. Instead, it is a fully integrated solution that works in tandem with other Office 365 products. This means you can use it for Excel and Word in addition to new chat features, cloud storage, syncing and more. Employees are able to move effortlessly between all these different functions, and chat, messaging, document sharing and more are all readily available from a single, centralized technology hub.

5. It Enhances Transparency

In an office setting, there is always someone who is out of the loop. There is always someone who is last to know. In a traditional business context, keeping transparency is easier said than done. Antiquated communication systems make it hard to keep everyone connected, and transparency inevitably suffers. You can reclaim transparency for your business with Microsoft Teams. To do this, Microsoft has created a channel function. The channels can be created to connect different teams of people. When something is done in the channel, it is automatically accessible to all other people in that channel. Emails and messages are easily shared. Meetings are visible, giving anyone connected to that particular channel the ability to pop in as desired. There is no other online tool that operates the way that businesses do in person. That is why small businesses and large businesses alike have all gravitated toward Microsoft.

6. It’s a Product You May Already Have

Another great reason to use Teams is that it might not be much of an additional investment. A lot of large and small businesses have already purchased other Microsoft products. If you currently have an Office 365 subscription, then the service is already yours to enjoy. In fact, if you are not using Teams already as part of your Office 365 experience, then you are not truly getting the most out of your investment. Teams brings the entire Office product suite together. It helps integrate all the other powerful elements Microsoft has to offer. In business, you have to focus on maximizing your investment. Using Teams will ensure you get the most of your Microsoft purchases. The increased collaboration, improved transparency, streamlined communication and accelerated productivity are all yours for the taking with Microsoft Teams.

The Bottom Line

We know you have choices in your business. These choices matter. By making the choice to incorporate Teams from Microsoft into your established digital business landscape, you can boost your productivity and streamline your operations across the board.


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